Micro Precision

The biggest challenge with this product was undoubtedly the task of scaling down everything into an aesthetically pleasing package that was as low-profile and sleek as possible without sacrificing the integrity of the parts.

Every 'Thousandth" of an Inch Counts

At this scale, tolerances are everything, for certain features if we miss a dimension by a mere 3/1000ths of an inch, the product would not function properly. For the smallest parts, the internal radi of many features was too small to cut using CNC and therefore was cut using a wire EDM process where current passes through a thin wire not too much thicker than a human hair. When this wire comes in contact with the work piece, the wire burns through the metal leaving a highly accurate cut.

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3D Printed Prototypes

Plastic 3D Prints

The very first switchBand prototypes were printed in-house on our Form 2 3D printer.  We were pleased to find that this printer was capable of producing some very fine prints that sufficed in proving our intial design feasibility.

Metal 3D Prints

Plastic prints had no chance of standing up to the strength required to pry open a bottle cap so before investing thousands in machined samples we opted to have a few samples printed out of 316 Stainless Steel.  The samples weren’t exactly cheap, however they were just what we needed to prove the next step of our design feasibility.


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